Cottage Facilities

Floor plan of the rooms

Master bedroom

Futon beddings on tatami flooring room

Free usage area

approx. 35㎡ of tatami flooring area.

“Irori” Hearth

It used to be placed in a center of a Japanese house for cooking, or for keeping the whole building warm. The charm which difficult to see in newer housing any longer.


Refrigerator, Gas cooker, MW, plates and basic cooking tools are available. Ask for Japanese cooking session.


This is a typical bath in a Japanese home, where you can relax in the bathtub. There is also a shower in the same room.


Western-style flush toilet.

Site plan

Owner’s home

The owner’s office with a photography studio and gallery is located in the grounds of the accommodation. The owner’s home is located next to the accommodation, so you can feel safe and secure.