Things we provide for your creative activites


Free access room

The free usage area is a spacious tatami room. It is a perfect quiet space suitable for creative thinking.Wi-Fi is available so you can work on your computer.

Garden surrounded by trees and flowers

On sunny days, creative activities in the garden are also recommended. The open space with a view of the surrounding “satoyama” scenery may give rise to new ideas.

Large tatami flooring room

The large tatami space on the second floor of the owner’s office warehouse has a high ceiling and can be used in a variety of ways.

Gallery on site.

The gallery on the ground floor of the owner’s office warehouse has hosted several exhibitions of works by Japanese and overseas artists.

for Professional Photographers

The owner is a professional photographer. Available any support for photo-shooting upon requests. Equipments rental is also available. (rental fee apply)

Photographe Yutaka Matsubara

The owner is working in a wide range of activities, including magazine, advertising and studio photography. He has published several photo books.

Photo books “Muranokioku”

Photograph collections documenting traditional Japanese village landscapes and lifestyles that are disappearing with the times.

Local public bath “Sento”

One of his major lifework. The series of photographs documenting “sento”, Japanese public bathhouses.

Rental darkroom for photo development

Darkroom for photo development will be ready in the spring, 2023. Guests will bring home their prints after developping on site.

Please contact us about developing and printing workshops. (fee apply)